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Little Acorns

Little Acorns is my first decent-sized indie game project since 1996 (Blobz on the Amiga!)

It was developed between July and November 2011, by ‘Team Pesky’ – which was primarily two of us – I was doing all the programming, some of the level design and additional art. Most of the art, the music, and the original concept were by Andy Gibson. Later in the project, Richard McClaughry joined the team as a level designer, building many of the game’s 60 levels.

The game was developed using C++ and OpenGL ES, via Marmalade. Marmalade was very effective – allowing me to work in the familiar environment of Visual Studio on a PC, whilst targetting both iOS and Android.

It runs at a lovely smooth 60fps on iPhone 3GS and above, and we believe that it has some of the most responsive controls yet seen on an iOS platformer.

The game was published by Chillingo, and due released on Feb 16th, 2012

It’s App Store page is here, it’s had some pretty nice reviews and ratings on there, and also around the web.


Little Acorns: Main Menu

Little Acorns

Little Acorns

Little Acorns: The 'Progress Tree'

Little Acorns

Little Acorns: Bat Boss

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