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Inverse Blue

I’m Dave Reed (‘bluescrn’ in various places online). I’m yet another game developer attempting to ‘go indie’, after more than a decade as a programmer in the games industry, making other people’s games.

The ‘blue’ (obviously) comes from my online nickname, but also from recent years in the games industry making me feel fairly miserable, with redundancies/studio closures, crunch, politics, and a lack of creative freedom. So ‘Inverse Blue’ is the attempt to turn that around, and put the fun and creativity back into game development!


I’m currently focusing on mobile devices (iOS, Android, WP7), but also considering future projects using Flash/Stage3D, or maybe even something for PC.

My first project is a collaboration with Andy Gibson – a casual iOS platformer, ‘Little Acorns’ – featuring very smooth (60fps) gameplay and a fairly unique grappling/swinging mechanic. The game is complete, and due to be published by Chillingo in February 2012.

As well as ports of Little Acorns to other platforms, I have plans for a smaller project, which I’m developing all on my own, as well as hopefully another collaboration with another experienced artist, during 2012.

Little Acorns on Android?  Maybe!

Games Industry Experience

I’ve worked in the games industry as a programmer since summer 2000, and developed games as a hobby since well before that. Completed projects that I’ve worked on include:

  • DJ Hero 2 (Wii/Xbox360/PS3)
  • DJ Hero (Wii/Xbox360/PS3)
  • Goosebumps: Horrorland (DS)
  • Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (Xbox360/PS3)
  • Colin McRae Rally 2005 (Xbox/PS2)
  • Super Monkey Ball Jr (GBA)
  • All-Star Baseball 2003 (GBA)
  • Nascar Racers (PC)
  • Blobz (Amiga)

I am primarily a C/C++ programmer, although I also have C# experience. I have extensive experience of graphics programming on a number of platforms, from software rendering (on a GBA, using ARM assembly language), to Direct3D and OpenGL ES and shader development.

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